Badaway Navajo Ministry

Ken & Cindy Dean
Studying to come back and work with the Navajo full time
Beloved by the people
Boldness; compassion
Luke, Ben, Bekah
Brien & Rosemary Bluhm
Coming since the first VBS seven years ago
Organized ‘drives’ (bedding, stuffed animals, books)
Pastor Rob & Shara Langford
Recently retired pastor of Pioneer Bible Church in Somerset/Mt Aukum
First trip
Rob shared that he was there for God to change his heart as he tends to struggle with children and even some Started with bias against Native Americans.  He was phenomenal and plans to return next summer.
Kyle Schroeder
Brought his daughter Lucy
Videography and Photography
Paul: teaching, jr high/high school group time, games
Shellie: Music; small groups; organizing/planning
Bella: registration; photography; Starlight
Lulu: joined in on Paul’s group; shared her testimony; music
Evie: participated with the native kids; helped with music, even with her ukulele
Ben: fits right in with the kids; got Bobbi talking and playing
Theme: Sheep
Pre-packaged VBS kits used in previous years were not very relevent to the culture or environment 
Had to omit many parts and/or modify
This year we used our own
Cindy came up with Sheep as a theme and put together a loose outline
Sheep is central to the livelihood of many Navajo families
In fact, sheep graze right outside the church
Focus of the Bible stories and Scripture verses was we as sheep and Jesus the Good Shepherd
Rosemary came up with crafts to fit the theme as well as several others
Shellie made up verse cards; ordered tracts and prizes; and helped to keep the schedule running and organize small groups.
The Schedule
Use this term loosely! More an order or routine than a strict schedule
We have to pick kids up 
Usually Rochelle in one car; Cindy and Grace in another
Kids come in shifts
Posterboards to color
Next year: Breakfast (Some kids come hungry without getting any breakfast at home)
Opening/Music (Shellie) 
Me and my uke!
Kids help with posters and motions 
Mostly our own kids the first day
Some native kids join in the next day
Last day. I have loads of helpers!
Luke-Awesome helper!
Old Sunday School songs
Verse Time
White board
Erase a word
Whole group together
Bible Story with an application
Small groups:
Very informal
Focus on getting to know the kids and letting them get more comfortable with us
Let them color
Share about ourselves
Love the kids
Be ok with just being with them, even if they never warm up or respond. It makes a difference whether we get to see a response or not. Truly giving without expectation;
Brien does all the planning, prep, and serving
Makes sandwiches; chips; applesauce; pudding; string cheese; etc
His rule: the kids can have as much food as they want as long as they take only one of each item at a time. He plans so well that the kids can truly eat their fill. No one goes home without a full belly
Rosemary bakes dozens of cookies for dessert
Crafts and Games:
These run simultaneously and the kids go where they please.
Rosemary plans all the crafts and does all the shopping
Most basic items are kept there in bins that we sort through and re-organize each year, replenishing as needed.
She has every craft ready for each day. Most days there are at least two crafts. One day the kids decorated frisbees with sharpies and took them outside to play Frisbee golf with Yellow Paul.
Ken runs the duct tape wallets. Favorite for sure.
Yellow Paul runs games outside.
Corn Hole
Kids go home
We have a general time to take them home, but it is loose like the schedule.
Kids go home when things wind down.
They get a popsicle and a prize on the way out.
Cindy, Grace, and Rochelle take them home.
The Kids
stayed with us like he always does; 
he started out in the beginning as a very difficult and angry boy
comes from a traditional home
professes faith in Christ
Was out of town and didn’t come until the last day
Total celebrity the second she walked in the door!
Family: Jade, Sonny Boy, Hannah, Jerrin, Kadem
Came back from last year
Hannah is especially quiet, but finally opened up by the last day
Kadem got so big!
The boys
Some pretty difficult boys this time. Lot’s of fighting
Remember to love them especially when they are hard. 
Reach them, be with them
The littles
Three 2 year olds!
Starlight: Bella’s little buddy for a whole day
Collin: Cook’s buddy - Gloria’s grandson
Mackenzie and ShaniaShellie’s buddies
Sanford & Olivia’s kids: Alex, Samuel, Sydney
Sanford would have nothing to do with the white people and this ministry, but now he even lets his kids come and has lent his trailer in the past for our use
Developmentally disabled
Sweetest girl ever
Mom Cynthia
Music story
Cameron Kids
The kids that God used to lead Ken to start a VBS ministry.
He met them “by accident” and was struck by their poverty and hopelessness
6 Kids originally, but some have been pulled from the home by child protection.
Mom and Grandma use
Rundown Hogan, little to no food, dirt floor
Last year three came: Savannah, Bobbi, and Ashkii
This year at Grace’s insistence, she and Cindy picked up just Bobbi and Ashkii, the only two currently in the home.
Bobbi; very withdrawn, wounded, and shut down. 
Ashkii: pretty difficult but made it clear he felt important and loved from being there since the very first year.
They stayed the night with us; we felt like Bobbi got the first restful night’s sleep she’d had in a long time. She looked better in the morning. 
Got to buy Ashkii a Big Mac in Page. That was pretty awesome.
Taking them home: heart wrenching
The People
Pastor Billy and Rose
Rochelle: instrumental in helping pick up kids, having packages shipped to her; collecting info on the kids for Christmas
Coming faithfully to church
Brought her grandson to VBS every day
Made us frybread for dinner our last day
Joyce and Harley
Seem to be doing well physically
Water tank in April
House has been condemned
Chapter house
Approved for new home
Won’t give them the funds
Need for a home immediate and very great
May be moved into housing authority if they don’t get a new house
They are praying and hoping in Jesus that He will move the Chapter House to release the funds needed
Our involvement:
This is a hugely complicated situation, and we as a team are praying hard over what, if any, involvement we should have. 
Steve’s Ministry
Raise funds?  /  Build?
Joyce and Harley tell us not to worry about their house; They want to see God answer their prayers; they ask us to please just keep coming back and teaching the Gospel to their kids. Just one child, they tell us, just one needs to accept Jesus and then watch the ripples.
Why are we here? - Concerns
Are we meant to be here?  /  Is Jesus really calling us here?
Would it be more practical/cost effective to send funds for the church to do this themselves?
This is an expensive ministry: multiple trips for teams of 4-5 and up to 18-20 people several times a year
Travel costs
Lodging/RV rentals  /  Food  /  Supplies and materials for VBS
We all pray about this: our hearts are there; we want to be there; but is it God’s will? We all believe that yes, God has a purpose for us there.
Ken believes God has told him that he is there because these people are a part of his family, our family. It was a part they hadn’t met yet, and God wanted them to be a part of each other’s lives. These people, the Navajo of Cedar Ridge Full Gospel Church, are our family. We have the privilege and joy of knowing them and serving them and helping to reach their children.
God is a God of unlimited resources! He has faithfully provided, and we always see His hand in every single trip.
Ministry of Yes
We do what is asked of us while we are there.
We step out of our comfort zone.
If they ask us to speak or sing, we do it. If they ask us to help herd the sheep, we do it. If they ask us to eat mutton stew and blue corn mush, we do it. If a little kid who’s used to going hungry asks for a Big Mac, we get him the Big Mac.
Ministry of Giving Sacrificially without expectation
We spend time with these kids, reaching out and loving them, sometimes without any response, only a blank stare. 
We send money for gifts at Christmas, sometimes without getting the fun of choosing gifts ourselves or without the pleasure of seeing the kids receive them. The joy is purely in the giving.
This is a difficult ministry: it is exhausting, physically demanding, uncomfortable, just really hard.
The challenges:
  • Deer through window
  • Heat
  • Lack of water for showers
  • Bugs
  • Sickness
  • Complications picking up and returning the RV
  • Long, exhausting travel days
But would we trade it for anything? Not in a million years.
We give without expectation of anything in return, but we serve a God of grace, a Father who loves giving good gifts to His children, and He always gives us so much more than we can possibly bring.  The joy we take in knowing and loving these children is immeasurable. We get to know them for a few short days, and we come home and miss them like crazy. He gives us a place with a part of our family that we otherwise would never have met. We’ve been accepted into this family, a completely different culture and language, but with the common bond we can only have in Christ. 
Prayer Requests:
Pray for the hearts of these children: that seeds may have been planted, that they would continue to be reached
Pray for Pastor Billy as he leads his church
Pray for Cedar Ridge Church
  • A bilingual pastor
  • Someone to help reach the youth and children
Pray for Joyce and Harley
Funding for their house and health.
Pray for Gloria
  • She would continue to walk with Christ 
  • She would be able to reach her family for Jesus
Pray for Sydney
  • Someone would be able to disciple her
  • She would be able to get to church
  • She’d remember to read her Bible and Pray
  • She’d grow in Jesus
Pray for Naash and his sister Cheyenne
  • That they would both grow in Jesus
  • That they would be a light in their traditional home
Pray for the Cameron kids
  • That they would find hope in Jesus
  • That they would be safe, fed, and cared for
  • That their mom and grandma would get clean and be there for them
  • That the kids that have left or been removed from the home would be safe and cared for
Pray for the Deans and the rest of the team
  • That God would continue to provide and enable us all to return
  • That He would soften our hearts toward His people there
  • That He would make His path straight for all of us and give us wisdom and direction.
Pray for the ministry
  • What happens next
  • The need for full time missionaries
  • Good relationship with the Chapter House
Pray for the Navajo community
  • Spiritual protection
  • Guidance for the Chapter House leaders
  • Poverty